Welcome to 4B Livestock.  We are a USDA licensed facility specializing in a consistent model of Bovine, Ovine, Caprine and Porcine for Biomedical Research.
4B Livestock

Healthy Bovine | Biomedical ResearchBovine:
When 4B Livestock was created we were asked to deliver a bovine model that was healthy, smaller than available breeds commonly used...

Healthy Ovine | Biomedical ResearchOvine:
The ovine model we provide is obtained from known breeders and quarantined at our facility for an appropriate amount of time...

Healthy Caprine | Biomedical ResearchCaprine:
We are able to provide Boer and Spanish strains. Both breeds are quite hardy and adapt to a research environment readily.

Healthy Porcine | Biomedical ResearchPorcine:
The porcine model we provide is obtained from a known breeder. Typically, the domestic swine are of a Yorkshire cross strain.

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Welcome to 4B Livestock
4B Livestock | Bovine, Ovine, Caprine and Porcine

4B Livestock is a family owned small business created in 1997. The people behind our company have been in agriculture their entire lives. We are a USDA licensed facility and are routinely inspected by the USDA. In conjunction with an IACUC site inspection, we have been inspected by AAALAC International.

Itís been our goal to provide all established and potential clients with the finest customer service in the industry. Our motto is to treat the client as we would like to be treated. From the very first contact, we want our clients to feel they are the most important client we have. Even if they are only seeking information, we want them to feel that we are a company they will do business with in the future.

Healthy Caprine | Laboratory ResearchWe understand the needs of the laboratory researcher and make it our goal to provide a consistent, healthy and quality bovine, ovine, caprine and porcine models for the biomedical research community. The safety of your laboratory personnel is of utmost importance to 4B Livestock. Through haltering and physical contact, our bovine and ovine models are tamer and less stressed allowing researchers and staff to approach the model without fear or trepidation once in your facility.

We keep a Registered Veterinary Technician on staff. We have a regimented veterinary care program in place for vaccination and deworming protocol. Our bovine inoculation regimen includes the Clostridial diseases, bovine viral diseases, Leptospiro and tetanus. Our herd is brucellosis free. The ovine regimen consists of the Clostridial diseases and tetanus. All ovine are laboratory tested for Q-fever (IFA for Phase 1 & 2) before shipping. The female ovine will be progesterone tested for pregnancy at your request. The males of all species will be castrated. We use an appropriate antibiotic regimen.

We are able to comply if your facility has a specific inoculation or veterinary test required. Our water supply meets guidelines established by the USDA and The Guide. The feedstuffs are stored as instructed in The Guide. Our models are individually identified with an appropriate ear tag. The transportation of the models is via company truck and trailer.

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